Contrax May 2023 Update

The Contrax Team
4 min readMay 1, 2023


As always, we have a lot to tell you. The major points: Gas-less transactions are here, the new landing page has dropped, the demo video is out, and our marketing campaign begins now. Contrax is ready for prime time! Tell everyone you know about.

Say Goodbye to Paying & Managing Gas⛽

Do we have to make sure we have enough megabytes to browse the internet, and get stuck on a webpage if we run out because we don’t have enough internet to buy more internet? If that sounds ridiculous, its because it is, and paying for gas is the same thing. Its not even about the cost, but the fact it can be a barrier of entry with harsh punishments to the inexperienced. Contrax will now cover all gas for entering and exit farms (within a reasonable daily limit). This also makes the exit/enter with USDC a lot more useful, since USDC can now be the only token you need in your wallet to use Contrax.

Important note: For technical reasons, this is only possible for the social wallet logins.

New Contrax Landing Page 🌐

The Contrax landing page has gotten a much needed make over. Our new page has a lot more info about Contrax, why you should use it, how to get started, animated GIFs, testimonials, and anything else someone new to Contrax needs. Oh, and it looks pretty too. Check it out here!

How to Use Contrax Demo🎬

You’ve heard us keep saying how easy it is to use Contrax, but how about a demonstration? Check out this demo video that goes over the new Contrax and why we mean it when we say it is the simplest to use DeFi site on the internet.

Farms Migrated ⏩

Social wallets have stayed the same, but if you entered a farm more than two weeks ago, you will need to move your funds from the older version of Contrax. All you have to do is go to the old version of our site by clicking here and do the following:

  1. Go to Earn, and go the the tab where you tokens are.
  2. Click the three dots and select the option to show deprecated farms (pictured above).
  3. Withdraw, and your balance will show on the regular Contrax site to deposit into a new farm.

The Next Steps for Contrax🎯

These are the current goals we are working toward. If any of these speak to you, speak to us!

  1. Auto-bridging: What if all you needed to do to move your funds to the right network for an app was send it to another wallet? We are working on social wallets having automatic bridging from Polygon to Arbitrum for ETH and USDC. This way, you can withdraw from any exchange or any wallet on another network to your Contrax social wallet. We are also trying to have a one-click, fee-less bridge from USDC to Arbitrum as well for Web3 wallets.
  2. Tiered KYC: Yes, Transak was supposed to be tiered KYC, but they haven’t launched the service yet. We are working on getting tiered KYC gateways for Contrax, but they will need to work in conjunction with the auto-bridging, so both of these features are being worked on currently.
  3. Dashboard Improvements: We know the dashboard is bare-bones, which we kinda like, but we agree that there can be a tad bit more info there. We are going to hear the community out on what they want and start upgrading it based on the most popular requests.

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The Contrax Team

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