Contrax November 2023 Update

The Contrax Team
3 min readNov 2, 2023


Hey Contrax fans! For the past month, our goal has been to get the word out! We have created a bunch of marketing materials that are being posted daily to X, Instagram, and Facebook. We also have been getting noticed by other projects, and we are in talks with others to continue to put Contrax in front of DeFi communities! TRAX is also making progress, now visible on testnet, with mainnet as the next goal.

TRAX is on Testnet 🧪

Following the release of our tokenomics ( which you can read all about here) the DAO devs got to work implementing xTRAX, a non-transferable version of the DAO token that controls the Contrax platform. We have completed the testnet version of the token, and everyone can see their testnet values on

Note that the name of the token for the test is xEREQ. You will see the token amount correlate to your dashboard tokens. It will be slightly less, since updates right now are once a day, so your current day’s tokens will not be on testnet until 7am GMT.

Contrax Getting Noticed: Arbitrum Universe, DeFi Llama, dApp Radar, GMX, and More!👀

We’ve started getting the word out, and people are noticing! Arbitrum Universe and GMX recently tweeted about us, and DeFi Llama and dApp radar also listed us and announced us to the world. Mesh (previously known as Front) also co-marketed with us, and we have a few co-marketing efforts in the works.

Get used to hearing about Contrax, because we are here to stay!

Next Steps for Contrax 🎯

Here is what we are looking to do next:

  • Partnerships: Contrax is actively seeking to expand our user base, and we are in talks with a few projects for cross promotion and partnerships. If you are part of or know any project that would like to work with Contrax, just contact us on your social media channel of choice.
  • Listings: Like with DeFi Llama and dApp Radar, we are in the process of getting trusted sources in the crypto community.
  • TRAX Token: We are actively trying to have the TRAX token work as a voting token within the non-transferable model, so that the Contrax DAO can properly take form!

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The Contrax Team

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