Contrax October 2022 Update

The Contrax Team
3 min readNov 1, 2022


Contrax is nearly ready for its public debut. The theme of this month has been refinement and polish. The last month gave us a chance to find and change anything and everything we didn’t like about our own product and make it better. We also improved the storage architecture to include a database for caching and personalization. Let’s get into it.

What is Contrax? 🤷

For anyone new, here is who we are.

Contrax aims to lower the barrier of entry to Decentralized Finance. Think what Robinhood did for stock trading, except for DeFi applications. Users can be both creators and consumers of DeFi tokens, pools, farms, and more. The platform is built for all, from first time DeFi users — from noob-friendly, jargon-free user flow for liquidity provision, and auto-compounded farming — to DeFi natives that just want a better platform that gives access to the most popular DeFi services on multiple chains with a UX-focused, customizable dashboard. Contrax will initially launch on the Arbitrum network.

Read the full summary here.

The Closed Testing Fruit 🍎

Thanks to the efforts of the Contrax team and our advisors, the closed testing phase has been quite successful. Together, we have found bugs, legacy code to weed out, visuals to improve, and even some new features worth adding.

New Repo with Updated Template

Contrax has evolved a lot since we first put code to console, and so too has our understanding of dApp architecture. We were able to adapt most of our code as we went along, but the actual React template and its dependencies became more and more outdated as time went out. So, we bit the bullet and moved all of our code over to a newer and simplified React template. Check out our new repo here.

New Feature: Swap Tokens with LP Tokens

Obtaining LP tokens just became much easier! We have beefed up our swap page to include swapping from any token to any LP token, or even LP tokens with other LP tokens. This functionality will allow anyone who wants to get LP tokens for a farm themselves from their preferred starting token of choice to do so. It even allows switching between LP tokens with ease like any trade on a DEX.

Month Goals 🎯

Public Beta Launch: We didn’t launch last month, but we feel beta is just around the corner. Upon completing some UI adjustments from the migration, and tuning the DB connection for users, we are good to go.

Current Asks 🙏

With our high expectations of the beta launching this month, our asks are for any help with the beta you can provide.

Beta Testers: Join the public beta, and slot yourself in to be marked with a permanent beta tester role that may have perks in the future. Just join our Discord and ask to be a beta tester.

Code/Smart Contract Reviewers: We invite everyone to look into our code, and create pull requests with any suggestions you have. See the dApp being built here. Our latest code in the dev branch of our new repo.

Join Our Community 🔗

Join our Discord and contribute your ideas.

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The Contrax Team

Contrax provides DeFi scaling tools to new and existing projects. Check it out at