Contrax September 2022 Update

The Contrax Team
3 min readOct 1, 2022

The long march of code refinement continues! Yes, we hear you about getting the open beta out, and we want to see it live more than anyone else. We are putting in the work to make sure this beta is an un-rushed, fully working dApp, with the beta phase just a way to improve it before it goes for prime time.

What is Contrax? 🤷

For anyone new, here is who we are.

Contrax aims to lower the barrier of entry to Decentralized Finance. Think what Robinhood did for stock trading, except for DeFi applications. Users can be both creators and consumers of DeFi tokens, pools, farms, and more. The platform is built for all, from first time DeFi users — from noob-friendly, jargon-free user flow for liquidity provision, and auto-compounded farming — to DeFi natives that just want a better platform that gives access to the most popular DeFi services on multiple chains with a UX-focused, customizable dashboard. Contrax will initially launch on the Arbitrum network.

Read the full summary here.

The Beta Development Continues🧪

We have finalized much of our visual elements thanks to internal feedback, and will continue at least one more sprint of closed beta development, before we launch our public beta sometime this month. Here are some of the improvements we implemented just this month.

Design Upgrades✏️

Didn’t like the design in our last demo screens? We didn’t much either, so we changed things up. We moved the nav bar to the side, removed content that wasn’t helping, and changes the farms to include the information that would matter the most to you!

Dark Mode🌙

Technically, this is another design upgrade, but we all love dark mode, so it gets its own mention, and we wanted to show it off here. Dark mode can be toggled on and off any time.

New Feature: Token Exchange 💱

We want to make sure that Contrax covers all your DeFi needs, so decided to also include Sushiswap’s Arbitrum DEX to let you swap into any token you need. This will include tokens for the farm, and even see your own tokens you created and deployed come to life on Sushiswap for anyone to acquire.

Current Asks 🙏

Our asks for this month remain the same as last month:

Beta Testers: Join the public beta, and slot yourself in to be marked with a permanent beta tester role that may have perks in the future. Just join our Discord and ask to be a beta tester.

Code/Smart Contract Reviewers: We invite everyone to look into our code, and create pull requests with any suggestions you have. See the dApp being built here. Check out our latest code in our develop branch. You can pull and build the project with yarn.

DeFi UX Expertise: If anyone has worked on DeFi UI/UX before, we’d love to hear from you and what you can bring to the project.

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The Contrax Team

Contrax provides DeFi scaling tools to new and existing projects. Check it out at