March 2024 Update

The Contrax Team
4 min readMar 10, 2024


The Contrax momentum continues after a great ETH Denver for Contrax! The platform received overwhelmingly positive feedback from DAOs, projects, accelerators, founders, builders, and investors. Here are the highlights.

Contrax Presents at Arbitrum Gov Hack 🎤

Contrax attended the third day of the Arbitrum Gov Hack, and signed up for the demo day for dApps on Arbitrum. I’m happy to report that Contrax was well received both in its utility and design, and we received several requests for collaborations and integrations right after presenting. Members of Offchain Labs, Arbitrum DAO, and Arbitrum Foundation were all present, and also viewed the demo at various points throughout the week even if they missed this presentation. We are in the process of being listed on the Arbitrum portal and receiving further support from the DAO.

Contrax LTIPP Grants & Other Applications📜

The Arbitrum DAO is allocating ~$90m in ARB tokens in Long Term Incentives Pilot Program. LTIPP applications have closed, and Contrax was able to have our audit done and meet all requirements to apply on time. We are now in the review period and working with DAO advisors to modify the application for the best chance of approval. You can see the application for yourself here:

Contrax was also invited to apply for the Orange DAO fellowship after showing our demo to its coordinator, and we were invited to apply for Accelerator DAO (HyperNest) after showing the Contrax demo to its founder.

Go-To-Market & Partnership Updates 🤝

Savvy, PeaPods, Steer, and Origin are the upcoming projects on our integration agenda. For each project, we’ve discussed support and collaboration before the integration, as well as strategies for broader market exposure post-integration. Contrax is working with Steer and Origin at the request of Sushi, which is also assisting Contrax in its market entry efforts. We hope to have more developments with them, soon.

Contrax as a product can bring in new users to any type of DeFi projects, and these products are essentially the first ones we will be offering that service to. They combine for about 1/4 Billion in TVL, and Contrax aims to expand the types of users that can have access to these protocols. We have another dozen integration requests, and likely many in the coming weeks, but we do not have the resources to explore at this time.

Intract & Referral Campaigns 🏅

The Intract campaign is in its final days. You can still participate at:

Don’t forget our referral campaign as well. You can win from $500 in prizes by using your custom referral link. See the contest page here:

Contrax will continue to hold events like this as we move toward the TRAX airdrop in order to get the word out and get people excited. We are looking forward to significantly increasing the marketing budget and incentive payouts once we have brought in funding from our round, and hopefully our grant request as well.

Oh, and thanks to this campaign & our efforts at ETH Denver, Contrax was the 4th fastest-growing Arbitrum project by TVL that week!

Next Steps for Contrax 🎯

  • DAO Structure & Round Proposals: The voting for adding details to the current DAO governance structure and for approving the seed round are up for the next 1 & 2 days respectively. You can vote directly on Snapshot, or just go to the “DAO” page of the dApp and vote from there.
  • Integrations: Other than our hopes in the upcoming grants, accelerator applications, and seed round, integrations is the variable we are most in control of to get our go-to-market going and take Contrax to the next level
  • Token 2049 in Dubai! Given the reception to Contrax at ETH Denver this year, we have decided to also go Token 2049 in a month. We will continue to present Contrax for connections in investment, integrations, marketing, and other areas of support for the dApp.

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The Contrax Team

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