Contrax is in Closed Beta!

The Contrax Team
3 min readJan 1, 2023

The wait is over. For those of you who wanted to try Contrax, now you can! You can try it now on You can farm with auto-compounding with our real yield farms, and also create your own tokens and pools on Arbitrum. Note that this beta announcement is only for our community, so you try at your own risk.

In order to use the beta, you need to have a Web3 wallet like MetaMask with Arbitrum, and ETH on Arbitrum. From there, our exchange page lets you trade into any token you need, or you can enter LP farms directly with ETH using zaps. We have a guide for every step on our docs page.

Contrax Summary & New Explainer Video ⏩

Contrax is a DeFi platform that makes it easy to farm tokens from established projects that pay with real yield. The dapp converts the rewards into the farming LP token so they auto-compound. Users can also create tokens and pools on Arbitrum as well. Contrax believes in making farming easy, accessible, and as safe as possible.

Here is our new project explainer video, uploaded for this beta:

Quick Beta Walk through 📱

Exchange: Zap into any tokens if you want to enter a single sided farm.

Farms: Deposit your tokens into a real yield auto-compounding farm. Single token farms can be deposited into directly with ETH.

Dashboard: View the farms you are in with your stake, APY, and pool share.

Token & Pool Creation: Separate from the farming, you can also create tokens and pools on Arbitrum

You can read how use the beta in detail on our docs page.

The Next Steps for Contrax

Here is what you can expect to see by the full launch of the Contrax dApp:

  1. A fiat on/off ramp: This will help us expand the dApp to be usable to anyone, include those who don’t know how to get or transfer crypto between wallets.
  2. Growth Tracking: Users will be able to see their growth percentage for each farm in both token count and USD.
  3. Multi-chain Real Yield: Any project that is offering real yield rewards will be a fit on Contrax as we expand to other popular chains with DeFi projects like mainnet, polygon, and BSC.
  4. Intensive UI/UX Upgrades: Usability is central to our pitch. We intend to iterate the current user interface and experience until we are certain it the most user-friendly DeFi app on the market.

Current Asks 🙏

With the beta up, we have one ask for everyone this month: Try our beta! Enter a farm create a token, and try to break something if you can. Whatever your experience, please share it with us on our Discord.

Also, we are hiring! If you know any, or yourself are, a DeFi integration developer proficient in React and Typescript , we’d love to hear from you. You would help us achieve the next steps listed above. Just reach out to us on Discord if you are interested.

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The Contrax Team

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